Current Yorkton Branch Members Receive:


  1.  Student Performance Opportunities
    YRMTA hosts several recitals during the year for students to participate in.
  2.  Student Scholarship Opportunity
    Graduating students of YRMTA members have the opportunity to apply for the Jean Laube Memorial Scholarship.
  3.  Workshops or Master Classes
    Each year the Branch hosts several different workshops or master classes for teachers and students to further their music education.
  4.  Referral Directory
    All current members are listed by name, teaching subjects, phone and email in a directory available on the Branch website.
  5.  Monthly meetings
    Members have the opportunity to attend monthly meetings to discuss issues of music in our community and be part of the planning process.
  6. Advertising
    The Branch purchases local newspaper advertisements throughout the year, to create awareness about YRMTA.